Tuesday, 12 January 2010

New Year @ Genting

01 January 2010

New Year that day..i + en.fairuz (hubby lerr..) + my Airis n also my anak buah went to Genting...just nak enjoy ourself n to show Airis the very exciting place...this year was Airis's 1st year celebrating the New Year...so, i n en.hubby decided bwk Airis jln2 kat sane...we're enjoy the day dgn kabus yg sgt best okkay :-)..by the time nak balik around 11.00 pm..hujan sgt lebatnye..en.hubby decide nak overnight je but i refuse coz Saturday is a working day for me..so, we all tunggu la smpi hujan da reda sket tp angin still mcm ribut smpi bengkok payung yg en.hubby pegang...can u imagine that...i'm sure u all pernah rs this situation kan...but alhamdulillah..everythings ok...by the time en.hubby nak start kete tu..i remind him to drive as slow as he can...paling slow skali...ye la kan..u all pun tau mcm mn jln nak turun naik Genting tu...gerun i di buat nye, + lagi br pas ujan lebat...uisshhhh...sepanjang nak turun tu mulut i never stop bc ayat Qursi..takut beb... :-)
so, here i up load photo on that day...enjoy viewing kay... :-)

en.hubby + Airis + Aqiela (my niece)

En.hubby + Airis ~ time ni en.hubby stop jap coz temperature naik.. =)

sampai je i terus ajak en.hubby gi mkn dulu kat McDonalds coz i sudah sgt la lapar...=)

so, this is me (mass)+my Airis..

pose while Airis sleeping in the car...hehehe..

Airis more excited tgk yg kat blakang tu drpd tgk mummy die jd photographer x bertauliah...hahaha..

taken this pic from outside jer by en.hubby

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